I Am A Turtle



 Perseverance. Determination. Drive. Ambition. Goal Oriented.


Slow and steady wins the race. When it comes to business there are a few that are “Flash In The Pan'” successful.  Most of us use hard work to become successful or consider ourselves successful in our own eyes.  This is not to say we are rich.   Do I wish I could have  invented the “amazing simple something”. Oh yes! Would I settle and just win the lottery, OH YES!  But until that happens I am a turtle.

Darn the hard work, darn the long hours, darn the two steps forward –  one back.  While there is a group of people that say ” you are just lucky” or “in the right place at the right time” I can tell you they are wrong! Right place at the right time walks up to the counter at a QT and buys the winning lottery ticket.

Easy question and easy answer:  Would you stop working if you were rich.  Easy answer for me is YES.

The world works. I work hard, too hard sometimes… most times.  I love my family and they will always come first.  I do love to work but there is not enough time in a day on most days,  to get it all done.   I love the challenge of creating and seeing through to success.  Are you like me?  My new company iValue Services, Inc.  is my “amazing something” .  It will take time so the ” simple ” is not there but that is okay, I am a turtle.

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