Ummm…….Hello?????……..Anyone Working?????


The market is booming and builders are building but do you know if your builder is ready for this big building rush taking place.  Just across the street from my house the new construction is going up slow. Not slow and steady,  but slow.  This picture was taken on a Monday.  A partial built home with no workers anywhere in sight.  The token first floor framed after two weeks.

My guess?  Short handed on sub-contractors and builder took on too much work.  The builder did the number one thing you should never do in any business and that is take work you can not complete on time as you promised.  You are only as good as your word.  I am sure there is a time schedule somewhere that states framing was to start on a certain day or else.

When doing a renovation or building a new home  do your research.  Make sure you hire someone that is realistic, transparent and has a good track record.  If this is happening at the beginning of the build what is going to happen when it is finished?.  Were things rushed?  What about the punch list that needs to be complete after you move in ?

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