Still Running Your Business Through Email?

Don’t worry, we don’t believe in public shamming, but what we do believe in at iValue Services is a smarter alternative. Hand on keyboard typingWe all know that email is an essential part of operating in today’s technologically savvy world. Ask yourself this though “Should it be your only form of operating?” Let’s explore further.

Think of the number of emails that you receive on daily basis that immediately go straight to trash. I mean immediately! In fact, I’m sure if you were able to add up all the seconds that you spend glancing and deleting worthless messages from your inbox, it would add up to an extra vacation or two. Why then, should this be your primary source of operations? Easier said than done – am I right? Let’s examine a few problematic issues you might run into.


Even the most OCD of individuals can still get lost in the email jungle. There’s no amount of filtering rules, folders composure or search tricks that can direct you EVERY single time. And let’s not forget about the forwards from old email accounts, prior employees and the sheer volume to tackle.

Back Ups

What happens when your email storage is full? Or perhaps the sad, sad day happens in which your computer decides it’s time on earth has been sufficient and it heads for the bright light in the sky? Were all of your emails stored locally on your computer’s hard drive? I hope not, because they are now all gone. Even with a backup, do you really want to commit all that storage for just emails?


There are plenty of tasks that you can accomplish with email. Scheduling meetings, sending documents as attachments and recapping discussions are all perks, and a big reason why email is so popular. What happens to that meeting recap when 30 replies later, your head is spinning faster than a yoyo? Or how about the people that “forget” to Reply All? Go ahead and add another FWD to your sent email.

Change is hard even if it makes your life easier.  While it’s not necessary to replace the entire functionality of email with a new system, there are technology options out there to help further enhance your organization’s communication.  What tools do you use other than email to help run your business effectively?

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