How Business is Just Like the Price is Right

Why are People Obsessed With the Gameshow The Price is Right?

No seriously, why? For almost 60 years now, people have been vying to become a contestant on this TV show. I was reminded of the cult like following this morning while watching a 67 year old woman, completely loose it when her name was called and she raced to hug Drew Carey with her custom designed t-shirt. You would have thought that she had won the lottery, but not quite. Only a “chance” to win. While a new car is nothing to shruprice2g off, it’s no mega million sweepstakes. I digress, but it got me to thinking about how running a business is very similar to being a contestant on The Price is Right.


Random Selection is Your Worst Enemy/Best Friend

Getting your chance to join Drew on stage is based on a random selection. Well sometimes, obtaining new business is the same. You never know when a new client is standing beside you in the coffee shop or will randomly Google a service and your company is the lucky new contestant. On the flip side, you can splash your name all over town and still struggle to find the right type, quantity and source of new business.

Given the Chance to Play, Know Your Stuff

Come on down – it’s your time to shine. Armed with your custom t-shirt design and far too much knowledge of retail selling prices, you are ready to earn your way to the Showcase Showdown. When those customers do call on you, be sure you are ready to show them that you are the right expert for the job!

Play Fairly and Treat Your Competitors With Respect

No one likes a cheat or a sore loser. Period. Whether you’re playing a gameshow or bidding for new business, remember the golden rule: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” People will take note of this and will remember it in the future.

How do you play in the game of business? Leave a comment below.



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