My name is Lynn Barwick.  When the business world was changing during the recession I decided to think outside the box to expand, grow, re-invent what I do.  After many hours, many starts and different directions,  I found what I was looking for.  I realized that project management and how it is used in many industries lacks an easy, inexpensive and  clear communication solution.  It also lacked that two sided benefit needed to complete any job successfully. Both companies/individuals and services providers BOTH needed a technology solution to manage workloads to meet their goals.

Yes, I did include individuals.  Our lives are surrounding by goals, projects, and true lack of organization (How many emails do you get a day?) in this technology driven world.  We, individuals, need the same technology to run our lives sometimes as a company does. We need technology to help make life LESS crazy.

So iValue Services was created. Two sided technology to benefit both companies/individuals and services providers.   Both with secure online dashboards to communicate  to each other.    I created a solution that is easy to use, no costs, and creates many avenues to clearly document, communicate within, manage, organize,  your life, your  business, your jobs. As iValue Services grows a Vendor directory within will also grow,  giving companies a chance to expand and succeed in their communities.

I started this blog to document my launch of this business, to spread the word of my project management technology and how it can work for you  and to keep looking outside that box for what the possibilities are, search for the new, expand on ideas and learn from others.  Thank you and hope you enjoy.